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Our Business

Domain and Cloud resources at competitive prices

Typically there would a lot more blabla here, but we rather let some of our some Domain prices do the talking.

Our Specials

.de / monthly Default pricing begins at 0.22 EUR

.de / yearly Standard pricing begins at 2.64 EUR

You can find our entire list of Top-Level-Domains here.

Made by experts, continuously maintained and developed further

Regardless if you're an individual, small business or an enterprise. We're able to manage it.

Self service

We do have support, but we're not going to babysit your operation.

anycast DNS servers

We're happy to be inside one of the largest backbones in the world with a lot of PoPs.


2 Factor Authentication makes everything more secure, especially your domain portfolio.

Multi-tenant capable

Use your personal account to manage different invoice addresses.

Bulk and Special deals

If you have an existing portfolio with us, we're happy to engage in price discussions.

Prepaid or Pay as you go

Between PayPal, GiroPay,, we'll find a way to get paid.

Privacy & GDPR

We are 100% compliant with all GDPR and Privacy Regulations.


Our upcoming release will include the following features:


Free of charge, dead simple and free for everyone.

Ready to get started? We're getting ready for everything.