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Discover the benefits of securing a .ae domain name for your online presence in the United Arab Emirates. A .ae domain signifies a local presence and can help establish trust with UAE audiences. Learn more about registration, management, and best practices for your .ae domain.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Registration: Register your domain instantly and start using it immediately.

  • IPv6 Support: Future-proof your domain with IPv6 compatibility.


Fee Type Price (EUR)
Setup Fee €0
Annual Registration Fee €78,54 / year
First Year Registration Fee (Setup + Annual) €78,54
Domain Transfer Fee €0
Domain Restoration Fee €58,91

Note: Prices are subject to change. Please recheck this website for the most current pricing.

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Registration Restrictions

Domain Transfer Details

Transfer Procedure

  • To initiate a transfer for a .ae domain, submit a TransferDomain command with the domain name and the required auth code. Note that the gaining registrar will receive a message to approve the transfer request, which is auto-approved if not disputed within three days.

Transfer Notes

  • Transfers of .ae domains are auto-approved after 48 hours if there is no action taken by the losing registrar. The domain transfer includes an integrated Form of Authorization (FoA) process, requiring confirmation from the registrant.

Authorization Codes

  • Auth codes must be 6-32 characters in length, containing at least one alphabetic and one numeric character.

WHOIS and Domain Management

  • WHOIS Server: Visit WHOIS Server
  • Real-Time WHOIS Update: Keep your domain information up-to-date.
  • Domain Autorenewal: Enabled to ensure your domain does not expire unintentionally.
  • Privacy Protection: Available to keep your personal information secure.

Additional Information

  • Registration Time: up to 3 working days

  • Deletion Timeframe: 2 days prior to paiduntil date

  • Redemption Period: Not applicable

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