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Discover the benefits of registering a domain, the official country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Vietnam. Ideal for businesses and individuals looking for a Vietnamese presence on the web. With restrictions to ensure relevancy and protection for the registrant, securing a domain could give your website the authenticity and local recognition it needs to thrive.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Registration: Register your domain instantly and start using it immediately.


Fee Type Price (EUR)
Setup Fee €25,80
Annual Registration Fee €88,98 / year
First Year Registration Fee (Setup + Annual) €114,78
Domain Transfer Fee €0
Domain Restoration Fee €42,20

Note: Prices are subject to change. Please recheck this website for the most current pricing.

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Registration Restrictions

  • Pornographical or political domain names are forbidden by policy of the registry.
  • Registrations beneath the 2nd level .GOV.VN are limited to the Government of Vietnam
  • Registrations beneath the 2nd level .NAME.VN require the domain name to match the registrant’s name and need the registrant to provide his ID as proof of identity
  • For companies, the full name of the legal representative: Automatically adopted from the owner contact (Important: Real name must be entered, NO role contact like “domain admin”).
  • The change of nameservers is NOT free of charge. To change the nameservers you have to accept a special parameter “ACCEPT-NSCHANGE=1”.

Domain Transfer Details

Transfer Procedure

  • Transfers are not available for TLDs. Transfers are only possible through our fulfillment team and are subject to fees.

Transfer Notes

  • A domain can only be transferred if it has an expiry date more than 31 days in the future.

Authorization Codes

  • Auth codes are between 6 - 16 characters in length.

WHOIS and Domain Management

  • WHOIS Server: Visit WHOIS Server
  • Real-Time WHOIS Update: Keep your domain information up-to-date.
  • Domain Autorenewal: Enabled to ensure your domain does not expire unintentionally.
  • Privacy Protection: Available to keep your personal information secure.

Additional Information

  • Registration Time: 1-10 years

  • Deletion Timeframe: 8 days prior to paiduntil date

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